Welcome to the
‘Banan Nursery’

Our Camps

Winter, Spring, Summer
We conduct theme based, exciting and enjoyable camps and welcome children who are not part of the Banan family, giving them the opportunity to interact safely in our engaging, child-centered learning environment.

Health & Safety

Banan Nursery encourages children to make full use of opportunities for experimentation; it has a learning environment that is safe, secure, and inviting.

Our Facilities

Our marvelous facilities allow us to offer children the ability to access learning both indoors and in our outdoor spaces. The organization of the environment allows children to independently investigate, explore, and create.

Welcome to Banan Nursery

Banan Nursery, Jumeirah, is pleased to introduce to Dubai a nursery that exemplifies high standards of teaching practice and focuses on the holistic development of children in an early childhood setting.

The Nursery will enable children to interact with one another in a safe and secure environment which implements daily plans, to meet the individual academic, social, emotional and cognitive needs of children. Banan Nursery recognizes that each child learns differently and as such children are taught in accordance with their own ability.

As an Emirati owned establishment, the Nursery is set apart within the Dubai early childhood landscape as one that will provide teaching and learning in both English and Arabic. It will showcase the vibrant and rich culture of the United Arab Emirates through language, storytelling, and traditional games.

Our Results Speak for themsleves!

Banan Nursery works on foundation of your child. We polish their ethics, behavior and skills that are essential to learn positive things.

We have 100% of admission in known schools from Banan Nursery

Voted OUTSTANDING by parents in Jumerah

What The Parents Say

Our Rooms & Classes

Months Old
Class Size

Infant Class

Babies grow and develop faster in the first year than any other year..

Months Old
Class Size

Toddler 2

Early Learning Goal of Toddler 2 Class Room [2-3 years of Age].

Months Old
Class Size


Arabic & Quran learning class…

Months Old
Class Size

Toddler 1

Early Years Foundation Stage and Montessori Curriculum …

Months Old
Class Size


FS1 which is the first year of The Early Years Foundation Stage..

Months Old
Class Size


We believe in Banan Nursery that Physical education is an integral…

Quran & Islamic Education

We have separate Quran class for Muslim children. How to learn Quran is important before starting the Quran class or basic islamic studies.

We develop a kid to understand basics of Quran and Islamic ethics.

Follow are the key points which Muslim children can learn in Quran Class.

  • How to learn Quran
  • What are the basics of Quran
  • Why Quran is important in our lives
  • Why necessary to obey parents according to Islam
  • Why Respect of Holy books is important

If your child is Muslim than it is important for him to understand and learning of Quran. At minor age we make children understand the basics of Quran.

At Banan we respect all religions and that’s why this class is additional, completely on parent’s choice and for Muslims only.

We make your kid understand the basics of Islam. Which impact his behavior and respect and on religion.

Your children’s education and wellfare are our main priorities