Welcome to Banan Nursery

A very warm welcome to Banan Nursery, Jumeirah; where we offer the British Early Years Foundation Stage alongside Arabic Programme Classes, with our high standards of teaching practice and focuses on the child development  in a “Learn through play” setting.

With our wonderful Early years qualified English teachers supported by experienced support staff in addition to our Arabic Early Years qualified and experienced teacher; Banan Nursery takes the pride to be amongst the best nurseries in Dubai to provide a multi lingual environment to the children. Our inspiring ‘classrooms’ are the cornerstone of our curriculum, where the handmade art displays that relates to each topic makes the difference to the child learning development, the Construction and Number Zone and the Arabic Language room are destinations along the path of discovery which the children follow in a typical week. These are interconnected spaces which allow the experience of an enhanced Free Flow. The Nursery will enable children to interact with one another in a safe and secure environment which implements daily plans, to meet the individual academic, social, emotional and cognitive needs of children. Banan Nursery recognizes that each child learns differently and as such children are taught in accordance with their own ability.

As an Emirati owned establishment, the Nursery is set apart within the Dubai early childhood landscape as one that will provide teaching and learning in both English and Arabic. It will showcase the vibrant and rich culture of the United Arab Emirates through language, storytelling, and traditional games.

Our Results Speak for themselves!

Banan Nursery works on your child’s foundation, as we polish their behavior, skills and personality that are essential to learn positive things.

We have 100% of admission in known schools from Banan Nursery

Voted OUTSTANDING by parents in Jumeirah

What Parents Say

Testimonials  (1)

Thank you for the hard work you are doing to my child Odaay, all teachers and Support staff is amazing and professional! My son loves coming every day to Banan Nursery!

Hind, Parent of Odaay

Testimonials  (2)

I am so happy with everyone at Banan Nursery, my child loves here and has been improved a lot! A big thank you for the teachers for the amazing English and Arabic language classes!

Kassem, Parent of Hamza

Testimonials  (3)

My daughter had really enjoyed her time here! I was very happy on how well she settled in, making many friends and relationships has made her feels like home! I appreciate the emphasis and  the learn through play concept the nursery follows! Thank you, everyone!

Raslan, Parent of Amina